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$11.03 by agelos
An elegant litle gadget that will hold your apple headphones from hanging when not in use, or if you just want to use one of them. It will also ho...
$24.31 by mcg82
Have problems with headphones falling out? Try RunBuddi headphone attachments! Made specially for your iPod headphones this device will stop annoyi...
$9.68 by Steven3D
The Earphones MP3 Cable Winder is a Handy tool for winding up your Mp3 Earphone cables.
$17.52 by cowman850
Designed to make wrapping your earphones up easy! Fits in your pocket for on-the-go earphone transport.
$21.75 by MarkDavies
$7.49 by Mstyle183
My latest invention.. Earbud adapters for the earpods from apple.. For those that run hard and work hard.. These will help you keep your earbuds in...
$3.79 by Kidmechano
New ear peg head lets you add clip-on head accessories to your characters. Set includes funky earphones and robotic opti-visor. Build, create and ...
$10.78 by Pdot88
These are Skulls which you can attach on to your Apple EarPods. Just white strong and flexible are recommended!
$12.99 by ShaoRyn
Celebrate Valentines Day or any occasion with this fun and practical phone stand and headphone wrap. Versatile brass knuckle inspired design. When ...
$9.11 by Steven3D
The MP3 Cable Winder Guys Tired of unwrapping those messy earphones? - Those days are over!   ;-) Meet the MP3 cable guys, designed to wrap an...