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$7.00 by COVO
Headphone Jack Accessory. Fits in the 3.5mm headphone jack. Dress up and prettify your iPods, smartphones, and music players. It prevents dirt fro...
$15.16 by barisklop
roll your earphone around this real to prevent tangling
Not For Sale by FlashJordan
A simple solution to tangled cables which easily fits onto keychains.
$14.59 by cordever
Our headphones are integral part of our smartphone. Impossible to listen to music or to have a conversation doing something else without them. For ...
$4.95 by soundaround
SA Sport Clip is design for high pace activity such as working out or out about. It clip on to your t-shirt neck sleeve at the back so the wire doe...
$9.68 by Steven3D
The Earphones MP3 Cable Winder is a Handy tool for winding up your Mp3 Earphone cables.
$9.33 by T1NB1OCK
This ear hook design comes with a pair L/R. A very classic style which inspired me to design this product.
$11.01 by schan491
Apple-Shaped Earphone Wire Wrapper; it becomes a full apple with wires wrapped around
$22.66 by aattawia
  Avoid the "cord bulge"! Don't wrestle with extra-long cords while listening to music; enjoy new freedom with the Cordli case for iPhone 4 or...
$6.77 by newform
iPod shuffle don' t have a cable holder. We have made one, simply and fast to use. iPod legs