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$4.85 by sethmoney
Buy two of these along with the Bike model so you can prop it up on your desk. Just place the wheels in the slot and you're good to go!
$3.79 by debbie_pickles
Shapeways Image Popper
$26.49 by Gromfrog
The Printed Bike Chain. Fully Printable bike chain that just sits on your desk.
$6.08 by BrokenArrow
Bicycle Love Charm
$6.49 by JingaButtons
Also available in a 12 piece set, which usually lowers the price to about 50% per button. You can find all 12 piece sets on the last page.
$10.06 by SpikmanDesign
The annoyance of carrying your bag on the handle of your steer so the bike gets instable, or you cannot even get it onto the steer because of the c...
$35.00 by tristanhummel
$35.00 by tristanhummel
$35.00 by tristanhummel
$35.00 by tristanhummel