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$5.09 by dradcliffe09
Used by goblins in the underdark, this is the result of hundreds of years of breeding and evolution. Goblin hounds sense their prey by sound, then...
$36.02 by RotVar!
Not For Sale by Dooley
1 inch high and hollow. Wooden slatting with cross beams.
$23.53 by ChrisArtscapes
A sword I was inspired to make after watching the hobbit. You can also find this miniature at my shop on sculpteo http://www.sculpteo.com/en/s/c...
$3.50 by polymonger
Very high detail barrel that is perfect for miniatures and table top games. The barrel is 25mm tall.
$43.50 by ArchMageOmega
This is just a test to see how expensive such a dungeon tile would be. Too expensive for a whole dungeon unfortunately. Still, it came out pretty w...
$18.09 by ChrisArtscapes
I liked how this turned out so i decided to put it up.
$35.97 by Tarum
The Arverians are fantasy satyr, this ones were sculpted for the game RotVar!, in a edited edition without base. In this way you can glue the arver...
$9.01 by ChrisArtscapes
$4.89 by Mandalorian
The inside is hollow and the font used is Arial.