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$55.26 by pilate7004
Ear ring inspired by a water droplet
$9.70 by mrkl28
$12.04 by jrantala
$5.00 by dr.tek
Pendant represents the logo of Lakepointe Church's Young Adult Group, The Fountain, but is merely a cross within a water droplet so it is suitable ...
$16.60 by m_sill
A drop target compatible with 80's Bally Pinball Machines. The multiplier value is engraved so as to not affect play and to ensure durability. If...
$21.24 by DSNelsen
A Pendant in the elegant form of a raindrop. Available in all metal materials and aluminide. (Note: Glossy Gold Plated material is inconsistant. I ...
$2.21 by allisonspalter
Shapeways Image Popper
$11.78 by Anthony_Mareno
This earring design was inspired by a combo of a drop of water and a smooth mathematical bell shape. Very modern in style, with a smooth soft appea...
$67.92 by lokiofmute
Droplet PendantAn elegant piece of jewelry, best in Polished or Premium Silver, Polished Gold Plated Brass or Polished Bronze.enjoy!
$41.75 by davidolphin