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$13.20 by Tresob
Set includes one helmet, one vest, and one wing-pack suitable for upgrading your building toy miniature figurines. **UNTESTED**
$30.50 by fakebusker83
Version 1.5 This is a show accurate weapon set for TF: Prime Powerizer Dreadwing!This set contains a Big Blaster, a sword and 2 bombs! Both blaste...
$7.50 by fakebusker83
Version 1.0 A show accurate sword for TF: Prime Powerizer Dreadwing! This sword measures 128 mm in length and features a 5mm peg compatible handle...
$12.67 by glaug
An Illin' Gatling plus mount for a popular Generations Stealth Bomber toy. Includes shoulder mount for robot mode. Designed for WSF Polished. Canno...
$8.00 by fakebusker83
Version 1.0 This is a pair of hands for the TF: Prime Powerizer Dreadwing Skyquake figure! Each hand is connected to its wrist adaptor via a ball ...