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$24.40 by fedlencio
Claw gadget of a robotics arm, moving mechanics designed in 3d part. With a simple elastic u could have an "automatic" close of them!! ;)
$16.92 by ZeDesign
Just a pair of cool claws on a ring. I hope for a suggestions on modifications on how to adjust an angle and curvature of claw, to be more badass....
$19.62 by TerraCotta
A strong, sturdy, surprisingly sharp claw that would be the envy of any preying animal. Wearing this won't turn you into Wolverine--think more lik...
$12.82 by Atropos907
This is the larger of the two in the painted image
$28.06 by hollerer
$54.55 by APUC
Mechanical Claw, moves as printed not assembly
$10.00 by Alharith
The famous winter's claw crest from league of legends, support your tribe and ware these pendants today, this is for those whom support Sejuani, ...
$32.60 by JRhyne
An enlarged version of those discarded cat claws you find laying around your house.
$7.37 by gafsadesign
small claw pendant
$11.29 by lutzray