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$16.38 by gordon13
Lester is a character designed as a courier for the DOTA2 workshop. Named after Red Leicester he valiantly runs into battle, dodging meat hooks and...
$6.75 by FreakingRiddle
This is a ring with the logo of the upcoming video game DOTA 2! The color is light red/orange and can be seen only with the "Full Color Sands...
$51.72 by FreakingRiddle
This is a double sided coin with the logos of the famous video game DOTA 2! Enjoy! ***You can also purchase it for only 12$ in "Alumide" material ...
$12.00 by caretdashcaret
A minimalistic keyring inspired by Null Talisman from DOTA2.
$149.27 by Continum
Bloodseeker character from Dota 2,. this is my first upload to test the 3d print.
$8.40 by dasfrodo
The standard Dota 2 Logo. The model is hollow to make it a bit cheaper. You can use it as keychain or necklace. Whatever you like.
$37.15 by Alternative11
$45.00 by caretdashcaret
A charm inspired by Mekanism from DOTA 2. It'll sure give you a boost of HP.