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$20.00 by blighthound
This shot glass was designed for the Legion of Doom. Incorporates the Omega symbol with the words "Hail Fred" inscribed on its feet. The title "...
$2.87 by evilneck
toy soldier doom inspired
$4.53 by evilneck
$15.86 by Yerathel
The doom Warrior. Height is 28mm. This figures is intended to be glued to a 28mm gaming base (not included) in order for them to stand properly. To...
$20.43 by tcwjoe
Very very special this one is. We discovered what appears to be future Cybertronian technology that was on Earth in the past. We adapted this tec...
$160.00 by blighthound
This Star Wars Tie-Interceptor is based on a Daniel Nagy design that has been adapted to better represent the Legion of Doom. This ship has the wor...
$1.52 by evilneck