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Not For Sale by pzich
Die design I came up with after making a wireframe cube.
$20.91 by TEttinger
This lavender 60-sided die was made by request. I haven't seen it in person, but the requester sent me a photo, which you can see above, of this m...
$4.13 by jeffth
dobbelsteen in griekse stijl Die in greek style
$12.98 by jeffth
Speelse dobbelsteen Playfull die
Not For Sale by Fingers
Standard 20-sided die layout but a different style. It kind of looks like a model of a virus or bacterium.
$19.43 by friz
A 50-sided die with the roulette's bets, based on a Dan Spevack's idea. Labels: 1, 2, 3, ..., 36, 0, 00, ODD, EVEN, HIGH, LOW, BLACK, RED, 1-12, 13...
Not For Sale by glyphobet
Update! The Kickstarter project to have a run of Mathematician's Dice manufactured has been a great success! Buy the Mathematician's Dice here...
$5.89 by friz
An isohedral D6 based on a rhombic hexahedron. Hollow version, wall thickness 1.4 mm, maximum length 35 mm.
$6.39 by friz
An isohedral D4 based on a scalene tetrahedron. The four faces are identical scalene triangles with sides 35.5 mm, 32.3 mm, 24.5 mm. Hollow pipped ...
$6.34 by glyphobet
The play, pause, stop, record, fast-forward/rewind, and skip symbols, all on a hollow die. © 2009 Matt Chisholm. All rights reserved.