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$31.72 by uveros
$9.94 by uveros
 Please print in metal
$6.80 by friz
A die based on the "Gyroelongated square dypiramid", one of the 8 convex deltahedra. This die features 16 equilateral triangle faces, but it cannot...
$17.54 by eondesigner
$9.99 by mctrivia
Photo provided courtesy of dicecollector.com
$5.32 by loki3
This shape makes an interesting alternative to the traditional 8 sided die. It's made of two pyramids fused together. It has a convex hull that...
$4.19 by aegidian
 An octahedron in the style of the weighted cubes of Valve's Portal. With numbers one to eight inscribed in the circular faces.Or buy the...
$6.15 by avandius
This is a hollow d8 modeled in a Steampunk theme.
$7.52 by aegidian
  The Ossuary set of dice piles together skulls with large flat numerals (or pips in the case of the four sided die).They're intended to ...
$12.19 by astonetech