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$12.43 by joelm144
A minecraft 3d print of many of the different biomes for example nether. desert.jungle,forest,snowy,mushroom ect
Not For Sale by MetasActReon
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! You will need a Key Ring, and, maybe even a jump ring. I will let you know when I get one, or i...
$30.57 by Ragnarok
desert lenses made out to protect the eyes from the dangers of ultra bright light of the sun reflected on the surfaces, when the wolrd ends you wil...
$30.00 by seedlingdesign
This radiant 3D printed sculpture by Seedling was inspired by the natural formations known as desert rose crystals (see photos below for an example...
$7.19 by JavaLodge
A palm tree on a small desert island with a coconut.  This particular model is intended to be an earring, so two purchases are required for a ...
$3.52 by MiniMunitions
A 50 caliber pistol that whops a big punch!
$37.84 by MikeLynch
Miniature camel model
$32.30 by HOLDEN8702
High detail 1/56 scale Italian Fiat-SPA Autoprotetto S37, Armored 4x4 Personnel Carrier Vehicle. Used with the Italian Army in the desert and itali...
$23.49 by Brian_Richardson
A Bighorn Sheep skeleton in mid-charge. Wooden base not included. There is a peg on the back hoof for mounting. You will need to drill a small hol...
$7.78 by Freakazoitt
x4 buggy raiders for post-apocalyptic 6mm scale wargames.