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$9.00 by ppoz
Handsome 72-sided die with a rounder, more rollable polyhedral shape. Labeled 1 through 72. Die is 2.7 cm in diameter. Opposite faces are parallel...
$8.00 by ppoz
A 72-sided alphabet die with letters distributed according to their frequency in English.
$15.50 by ppoz
Bundle of three different styles of alphabet dice with Roman letters: D13, D26, and D72. Fun for word games and teaching letters to children.
$6.75 by ppoz
72-sided polyhedral die with 48 triangular and 24 pentagonal faces. I also sell blank and labeled D72 dice in another polyhedral shape.
$7.25 by ppoz
A blank 72-sided die with a rounder, more rollable shape. This D72 is blank; I also sell a numbered version of this dice shape.