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$9.99 by mctrivia
A D16 labeled in hexadecimalPhoto provided courtesy of dicecollector.com
$9.99 by mctrivia
Like my Hex Die but has but sides have been cut out to show the hollow core.
$9.99 by mctrivia
Photo provided courtesy of dicecollector.com
$9.99 by mctrivia
A D16 with each side labeled in binary. Thickness of each side has been carefully selected to properly balance the die so it will roll fair. MSB ...
$8.50 by ppoz
A pair of 16-side dice labeled 0 - 9 and A - F. The pair can be rolled to generate hexadecimal numbers from 00 to FF. Each die is 1.2 cm along the...
$5.00 by ppoz
A blank 16-sided die in the shape of two octagonal pyramids fused at their bases. The pointed ends are truncated.
$9.99 by mctrivia
Pentagonal D16. Part of the Data Series
$4.33 by ppoz
A novel shape for 16-sided dice: a heptagonal trapezohedron that has been truncated at its opposite points. This die has 12 equal sized pentagonal ...
$35.90 by Magic
Warning: the picture shows a D9 but it is a D7 that is included in this set! Expansion Pack for DCC fans, including 6 dice: D3, D5, D7, D14, D16 an...
$8.49 by Magic