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$8.87 by mirabelarusu
Cupcake pendants
$16.00 by james_jumps
Made this at the request of a friend and thought I would share it with Shapeways. Order yours today by choosing your ring size below.If you want a...
$26.78 by J_sing
For all Cupcake lovers! My rings are simple for a reason. I wanted a hand drawn look and the only way to do that was to, hand draw them, scan the d...
$35.28 by darukin
A cute, mustached, two-legged cupcake man - This cupcake is quite the catch... but it runs so expect a chase!
$15.99 by LaNero
A cute cupcake to keep you company while you work!
$84.50 by DrWhoJohnSmith
made with https://tinkercad.com/things/9Nnqmiptou8-cupcake-with-coffee
$28.86 by TheCreatorsProject
Transform yourself into a monster that lives inside a miniature universe customized by you. Try it out now at the Creators Project.  Each mo...
$13.74 by jwong3D
I always wanted a yordle snap trap, so i decided to make my own! just a cool toy to put on my desk, or on my keys. Fully painted, comes as is. ...