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$3.27 by Catsruler1
Four Interlocked Cubes. 1 cube = 1 cm3
$4.59 by Fllood
These cubes seem to be impossible to build! They make up a nice addition to a key chain or just impress for themselves. For the keychain variant, I...
Not For Sale by pzich
A network of interconnected cubes.
$24.34 by vicjohnson
$14.23 by smiteo
level 10.3 puzzle
$23.61 by smiteo
level 59.17 burr
$32.96 by smiteo
level 159.40... an exercise in futility...
$18.97 by smiteo
4 cube design - level 16.5.2 - my favorite of the series
$4,097.73 by PedroH
This is a 18cm 1x1x1 Rubiks cube
$25.00 by designerica
A pair of earrings constructed from independent but interlocking cubes. All you need to add is a pair of ear hooks and you'll be ready to rock the...