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$29.94 by WillLaPuerta
Devout Agnostic symbol, the Interrofix, has been updated to make the question mark aspect stand out a little better.
$30.00 by fraochdha
This beautiful and rugged Gothic Cross is nicely balanced with classic gothic quatrefoil voids at its heart surrounded by built up trefoil nodules.
$29.00 by fraochdha
This beautiful little pendant ties the Polynesian art and tattoo style of the Shark Tooth pattern at the core of an elegant, open structure cross.
$100.00 by vonDuncker
$30.00 by fraochdha
Celtic Cross - Small version. This beautiful Celtic cross is derived from historic stone carvings and illustrated manuscripts. The mesmerizing flo...
$9.21 by jhey
3d cross art
$32.75 by Tremoside
Design is a cultural activity. Our position in the world is defined by habits, references and preferences.World changed a lot since usage of Intern...
$57.06 by LokiLaufeysen
2d to 3d app Want to get a set? +
$158.02 by LokiLaufeysen
made with 2d to 3d app
$3.50 by ppoz
Christian cross frame pendant with heart-shaped ring interlocked among the support beams. Height = 2.3 cm, Width = 2 cm, and Depth = 0.6 cm. The p...