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$50.00 by designerica
It looks like someone knitted steel around your finger, but no... it's a ring!This ring developed when my Aunt Rhonda, former owner of a knitting a...
$13.47 by WelshDesigns
$8.78 by WelshDesigns
$6.50 by WelshDesigns
This is a cookie cutter shaped like a wrench. It can be used for cookies, clay, play-doh, stamping, or even just for decoration.
$7.23 by WelshDesigns
$7.86 by WelshDesigns
$3.08 by 0kat_kingart
A smaller 2" version of Kat Dragon Pendant. Perfect for printing in the matte, raw or polished metals. I recommend this smaller pendant model not b...
$7.33 by 0kat_kingart
This is a more detailed version of the 3.25" size of the Kat Dragon Pendant. The underside of the body of the pendant design is flatter and the bai...
$87.37 by wanderlust42
This bone fish was hand carved and scanned into 3d It was sold in new Orleans,Chicago,Denver and Alaska on my road trip south from Alaska in 2004 I...
$18.00 by ppoz
You may have seen them in craft stores or on children's clothing. The 9 holes allow you to create letters and numbers with the thread as you sew t...