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$80.00 by EmergingObjects
Not For Sale by jimblack
Not For Sale by GemmaValentine
$71.61 by lensman
I created this 8cm tall organic, faceted piece to be used as either a desktop sculpture, or container. It is also available in a few glazed ceramic...
$5.21 by wautah
Een ondergrondse container welke je steeds meer in de straten ziet verschijnen. Nu ook op je modeltreinbaan in H0! Exclusief het poppetje
$54.97 by groovelock
Box to fit trading cards with a sliding lid. Holds 2.5" x 3.5" x 1" with 8th inch walls. It's probably thicker than it needs to be.
$8.81 by groovelock
A tiny box with a lid
$10.49 by groovelock
A tiny rounded box with a lid.
$33.76 by winglessbuzzard@gmail.com
Top half of electronics project enclosure
$19.34 by winglessbuzzard@gmail.com
Bottom half of electronics project enclosure