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Not For Sale by DavidLouis
A small funnel for filling bottles
$21.00 by KevinR
These cones are for a .625in "Big Bore" blowgun, so they have an outer diameter of 15mm (.591in). The attachment hole tapers down from 3mm to 2.5mm...
$17.17 by darrenzi
Reconstructed using photos, which didn't cover the whole shape, hence the breakdown near the top of the cone. Still, an interesting shape.
Not For Sale by hazza64
$29.82 by Plato
16 mm / .625 inch blowgun cones. The hole is slightly conical, 3 mm (.118 inch) to 2.4 mm (.094 inch), for a tight fit. Before you use the cone, f...
$53.00 by scarletkitsune
This bowl is just the right size to serve up one or two scoops in the cutest way possible! Or, take advantage of its heatproof (up to 500C/932F) pr...
$11.63 by Anthony_Mareno
This is a beautifully unique geometric shaped candle holder. Inspired by the classical artist rendering of a quasar it's is a perfect way to show ...
$14.99 by Anthony_Mareno
$18.29 by macouno
This Pine Cone is based on the Fibonacci numbers, just like the ones in nature! Get the decoration your Christmas tree would pick! The model is 7...
$30.00 by chosetec
The cone snails are predatory mollusks with distinct elongated shells. This species is known for its striking black-and-white coloration. The model...