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$12.30 by WillLaPuerta
Six sided die with the numbers counted by concentric circles (in and out) on each side.
$28.99 by emshore
xCube deconstructs the traditional cube by removing its edges and focusing on diagonal, corner-to-corner connections. The resulting shape creates a...
$5.24 by lukas.suess
Die with 16mm sidelength. All sides retain the cubes natural fourfold symmetry. The signs are inset and can be colored.
$12.87 by WillLaPuerta
A pair of earrings designed as a circular maze. Can you find your way from the outer loop to the inner chamber?
$50.61 by rolfing3d
It can also be used as a pendant, for a larger size send an email
$18.03 by rolfing3d
Ring 17 mm. diameter finger, for other diameter send email.
$53.99 by zud3652
The model shown above is printed in polished silver and came out nearly all smooth. Does not come with the chain. I would recommend the Sterling S...
$30.00 by virtox
Dodecahedral sibling of Gyro the Cube. Same principle, more faces, more rings and more fun ;-) Made of five nested dodecahedra, each one is limited...
$20.00 by virtox
Running in Circles A pair of large hypnotic earrings. Inspired by ripple patterns in water. Where one ripple ends, another begins. Passing each oth...