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$11.66 by dan200
The Advanced Wireless Mining Turtle can build, mine, display color graphics and communicate wirelessly. In fact, there's very little that it can't ...
$13.30 by dan200
Terminal interfaces never looked so good.
$13.10 by dan200
First you get the disks, then you get the drives, then you get the data!
$11.36 by dan200
Your basic ComputerCraft Turtle can move and place blocks. NOTE: There is a rendering error in the 3D Preview of this model. As you can see from t...
$12.43 by dan200
The Melee Turtle will protect you from non-mechanical creatures of the night. NOTE: There is a rendering error in the 3D Preview of this model. As...
$14.55 by dan200
The Monitor allows display of information in your world. All proceeds from the Monitor will go to Cloudy.
$13.39 by dan200
The ComputerCraft Advanced Computer brings the humbler computer into glorious technicolor.
$11.10 by dan200
The Advanced Mining Turtle upgrades the humble turtle with the ability to display full color graphics, for excavation in style. NOTE: There is a re...
$13.37 by dan200
The ComputerCraft computer may not move, mine or build, but it has a certain elegance, from a simpler time. NOTE: There is a rendering error in th...
$13.55 by dan200
The Wireless Mining Turtle empowers the Mining Turtle with the power of rednet, for wireless communication and geolocation on the go. NOTE: There ...