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$14.40 by Cuchullain
The classic Greek Tragedy and Comedy masks. 
$3.07 by Cuchullain
The comedy and tragedy masks of ancient Greek theater made into earrings. Note: The earrings can also be ordered separately from my store.
$4.31 by Cuchullain
Earrings of the ancient Greek comedy and tragedy masks. Note: This is for a pair of earrings. They can be ordered separately as well from my s...
Not For Sale by trishycakes
A clever plastic pin for all your fruit detonation needs. When life gives you lemons, tell life what you think of that! When your mom tells you to ...
$58.65 by Vintouch
Comedy pendant. Tragedy pendant available as well.
$25.99 by yourhandsmyface
"I like to take that concept and reduce it to an object.." You take some shit, put it up on your desk - check it out for a while.... You take s...
$13.27 by RobTorres
A comedy theater mask
$27.08 by RobTorres
Thalia muse and Melpomene muse theater masks are ready to dress up your living room.
$14.99 by kspaho
Yes I did go there. After talking to Christopher Carter from Shapeways, he made me realize the power of the Meme. So here you have it, the mightl...
$12.91 by lensman
A pendant with the masks of Comedy and Tragedy from theatre