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$25.02 by chosetec
One of my motivations in creating 3D printed models of real organisms was to be able to collect "specimens" without harming nature. This is one of ...
$10.95 by jonwondo
This is a travel comb I made for my wife and printed in stainless steel. I designed it with a tapered cross-section to give it maximum strength whi...
$10.25 by jdoll
5-3/8 inches overall, 5 inches of teeth.  Teeth have rounded tips that won't scratch and scrape on your skin.  Nylon material flexes...
$10.25 by jdoll
5-3/8 inches overall, 5 inches of teeth.  This is a coarse/fine version of http://www.shapeways.com/model/226928/.Teeth have rounded tips that...
$14.08 by tomatohead
$17.13 by tomatohead
$13.47 by walidjadla
Honeycomb pendant 50mm height cool gift for your love
$15.66 by StudioX
Our best attempt at a thoroughly 21st century hair pick.
$32.55 by Gromfrog
A perfect fitting iPad mini case with a honey comb grill on the back. More info our at our site: http://gromfrog.com/?p=1643 http://gromfrog.com/?...
$13.18 by Robits
We all have good and bad hairdays. Brushbit will sympathize with you no matter what your hair decides to do!