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$79.37 by sebastiencravoisier
Ed s' better definition for full color 3d printing
$5.50 by etikan
Colored Geometric Object
$100.18 by allielooney
Behold! This is Marckle, a space robot from the post-apocalyptic future! He is a benevolent spirit who roams mountainous regions in search of unsus...
$317.34 by mmmatt312
This is a replica of the minecraft pickaxe. It is 12" inches long. If this is too big or too expensive, there is a smaller version on my shop page.
$35.00 by RareBreed
Designer toy dinosaur in color, 3D print toy by RareBreed ©2012.
$27.00 by RareBreed
Pterosaur in flight, dinosaur designer toy in color by RareBreed ©2012.
$36.00 by RareBreed
Dinosaur designer toy, solid isisaurus figurine. Sauropod toy figure by RareBreed ©2012.
$35.00 by RareBreed
Mastodon toy figure about 1:100 scale & solid. From the RareBreed ©2012, Prehistoric Collection.
$15.00 by RareBreed
A dark chocolate colored rhinoceros by RareBreed ©2012.
$32.00 by RareBreed
Unusual sauropod, dicraeosaurus, in color by RareBreed ©2013. Solid toy figure about 30 cm uncurled.