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$7.96 by JacaraF
Fun, colorful pendant. Can be hung from a simple chain or added to a charm bracelet/necklace.
$9.99 by d4rkl1gh7
Color globe of Mars. Surface features slightly exaggerated.Variations 5cm Color Hollow 1" Color
$9.89 by vfxguy
A pair of earrings made from a string of roses. Available in a variety of colors. Ear hooks can be bought from any DIY jewelry stores.
$33.00 by OBjuan
Not For Sale by pzich
Test of full color printing
$18.07 by pzich
A waving American flag in full color.
$13.99 by Dimmulain
Nice way to tell your beloved about your feelings.
$15.35 by Dimmulain
Nice way to give someone you like your phone number :) or you can add any text you want.
$18.14 by zlwilly
A sword wielded by many powerful warriors in the Ex-za period of the -300's BCs.In all seriousness: This is a sword model made by Alex Polkinghorn....
$11.99 by GHP
Heart shell ornament with a flame fractal pattern I created in Apophysis.