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$70.22 by DarioScapittaDesign
SPARKLING Necklace is a part of an entire collection including armband and ring. Realized in polyamide using 3D print technology is available in di...
$113.44 by DarioScapittaDesign
BLACK ROSE Necklace is a part of an entire jewellery set in polyamide material. The collection includes armband, ring and earrings available in dif...
$17.79 by HenryAlfredo
Collier in chainmail weave 4-in-1 European forming a heart. Thanks to the unique capabilities of 3d-printing all links can move independently. Cou...
Not For Sale by MichielCornelissen
Some products start as a Shapeways project, and later 'graduate' to be sold through design brands and retail channels, which is why sometimes they ...
$3.70 by isis_11
Check out rose ring if you want to buy an accompanying ring.Available in several materials. If you want to know more about these materials you can...