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$30.29 by jeffdn
$17.00 by Raedia
This chunky bracelet is 20 cm long so it should fit loosely around the average wrist. The built in toggle clasp makes it immediately wearable after...
$160.00 by vertigopolka
Here's a small purse design with a very flexible, interwoven mesh pattern.Octahedron link strap is not included. Two sizes of carrying straps are ...
$21.92 by SueParr
The pictures show a model made with White, Strong and Flexible material. The "button" is for open weave, or lacy crocheted or knitted shawls, and h...
$5.00 by TrekGineer22
[3] Replacement Clasps for Dwarven Chain, identical to one of the options with purchase. This Clasp is 0.375" x 0.8125".
$75.00 by vertigopolka
My 3D printed small mesh purse (3.8 x 5.3 x 1.8 inches, closed) featuring a sturdy, flexible mesh design and a recloseable clasp. See my larger Med...
$12.32 by CreativeConceptz
Get this new Charm Bracelet from Creative Conceptz for you or a loved one! This bracelet is an 8in bracelet or may be used for an anklet if you wi...
$10.00 by eaidukas
Add an NFC tag to your new plastic tidbit, and you can make your smartwatch even smarter. Size matters quite a bit: this model fits on the Fitbit ...
$45.59 by vidicious
A small hook clasp with a heart space.
$5.17 by Daphne
Sew-on clasp to complete your outfit!