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$20.15 by monitep
Pendant Cross Shaped, smooth and strong.
$65.03 by carmelari
this pendant is large and light at the same time, it is a vision of love: a net that captures the soul if you want to complete as you see in...
$94.41 by monitep
Flower shape pendant
$10.16 by vanca
Design for pendant/earring (ref SK0030A)
$10.16 by vanca
Design for pendant/earring (ref SK0030B)
$102.09 by vanca
Smiling Child - head - Design for pendant/earring - B
Not For Sale by carmelari
Un regalo che rimane per sempre: Un ciondolo a forma di block notes! Sul retro potrete far incidere il vostro messaggio personalizzato. Se desider...
$82.87 by vanca
Butterfly on flower, Moon and star design for pendant/earring - B
$7.25 by sn4k
Ciondolo con elica interna rotante. Pendant with internal rotating helix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNPJPJpzLno
$19.27 by Lion240
Here is my first zodiac keychain. I hope soon to make the other signs of the zodiac. I suggest printing it in alumide, but also in colored plastic ...