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$17.30 by comradequiche
This is a 3D model of a ruined cathedral section that I have created to use as a base for one of my flying miniatures, for a table top war game tha...
$16.81 by stonysmith
$5.55 by scubasonar
Work hard, don't slack, die young and unhappy.
$5.00 by dr.tek
Pendant represents the logo of Lakepointe Church's Young Adult Group, The Fountain, but is merely a cross within a water droplet so it is suitable ...
Not For Sale by thewraithoftheopera
made with thingyverse customizer
$17.02 by ma_meister
This ring depicting a cross fits a fantasy theme of the Knights of the Order of the Templars, defenders of Jerusalem. It is designed along historic...
$122.49 by mkermol
A gentle snowflake pendant, designed to merge the classical gothic church rosetta and natural floral theme. Great as a christmas gift to a loved on...
$15.00 by SteamPowered
Beautiful simplicity describes this necklace. All that's needed is a strand of hemp or twine and you're done.
$98.95 by whatnick
St. Peter's Cathedral in North Adelaide. Modelled with Photogrammetry.
$48.32 by Octane