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$6.04 by Dimmulain
Nice and cute glass marker will help your guests keep track of their glass. The diameter of the hole inside the marker is 2,5mm
$12.00 by polymonger
Adorable sculpture that makes for a great gift, or object to decorate your desk. It even stands up on its own.
$29.20 by Dhemerae
Just the chick in pink.
$85.39 by KingRahl
Alternative model to the Black Dynamite Whorenament. This one has long hair to look flowing in the wind.
$48.58 by LokiLaufeysen
made with tinkercad
$61.35 by pal670
Paintable Figurine
$14.62 by IrisandMorpheus
$115.33 by Dhemerae
The whole set of 5 peep chicks, deliciously sized to fit in your own boxes, great for halloween or any creepy peep fanatics. Not for human consump...
$29.84 by Ed_Ikeguchi
I had so much from making this from concept to production, and the print result from Shapeways took my breath away when I opened the package. The p...
$29.84 by Ed_Ikeguchi
This is the boy version of the same Easter Chickadee posted on the other product's page (the light pink version). Please have a look at actual prod...