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Not For Sale by alanjaow
This may be able to be used for chainmail, specifically the wire winding part. The leading edge of the wire goes into the hole, then is shoved thro...
Not For Sale by alanjaow
This is the same as the Spiral Block, but it has the center cut out to save on cost and so it can be polished better.
$12.09 by stop4stuff
Hex Flower Coaster A simple coaster constructed from six interwoven rings. See also; Hex Maille Coaster
Not For Sale by Colin
Testing opportunities for more attractive and robust flexible jewelry design
Not For Sale by Colin
Another test for more attractive design opportunities in chain jewelry
Not For Sale by Colin
A test sample exploring opportunities for more attractive chain jewelry.
$15.41 by Fayola
$17.20 by stop4stuff
Dragonscale Chain Maille (mail) sampler.Large rings are 18mm OD 2mm 'wire', the small rings are 12mm OD 1mm 'wire'. With the large aspect ratios of...
$35.37 by stop4stuff
Chain Maille (mail) Dice Bag.The mail is quite a loose weave of European 4 in 1, 'wire' is 1.5mm diameter and the inside diameter of the rings are ...
$43.76 by stop4stuff
Large chainmaille (chainmail) dice bag for those larger dice.The rings that make up the chain maille are 17mm OD and made of 1.25mm 'wire'. Include...