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$11.74 by schreerdesign
Nothing says true love like a slimy clutching cephalopod! This little beauty is gently caressing a dangling heart. You supply your own chain.
Not For Sale by colinfizgig
A ring for those who love Lovecraft.
$12.40 by WillLaPuerta
Necklace with a squid forming a heart with his tentacles. Update: I had to update this model after a problem printing in silver. They had a proble...
$4.61 by TadPatterson
A lone tentacle rising from the abyss. Use it as a counter for unknown horrors, spells and submerged cephalopods or to decorate your home.
$126.97 by Bathsheba
Caution: this item only opens bottles if made of steel. In other materials, it's merely a cuttlefish. Merely? But you jest. Good heavens! A cu...
$30.11 by Bathsheba
Seen enough balancing birds? It's time for a little SQUID PRO QUO. If you print the Balancing Squid in steel, it becomes the Balancing Squid Bottl...