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Not For Sale by chaitanyak
centaur modelled in sculptris, ... heres a video of it animated http://www.vimeo.com/12996357
$24.11 by chaitanyak
centaur model.. heres a video of it animated http://www.vimeo.com/12996357
$9.77 by JavaLodge
A centaur figure charged for battle. I will take requests if someone wants an altered version eg. different armor, weapons, poses.
Not For Sale by Lkou
First model I've uploaded to Shapeways - print to use as a miniature.
$12.80 by Michael_Milano
Centaur character at 60mm height from pole to base. If you would like a different height, please email me through the Shapeways forum or at spinfa...
Not For Sale by TurtlesAreCool
This was a gift for my sister when she graduated high school. She likes horses, and I like things that are not based in reality, so we compromised ...
$8.39 by Kidmechano
Variety of lateral body segments for ModiBot figure kits that allow you to build segmented, multi-legged animal bodies- lizards, centipedes, and ce...
$6.49 by Kidmechano
Looking to build a maniacal satyr or war stallion centaur? Here's what you'll need! Standing your figure on these babies gives a new meaning to the...
$9.99 by frank8492
a 1/285th scale update pack. Here you will get the support turret, the twin barreled heavy turret, the sniper barrel, and the command turret. note ...
$5.25 by AcetheSuperVillain
The Keshikaze is designed to lay down suppressive fire in a wide arc. Its strange shape keeps the weapon banks away from the engines and power cor...