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$11.84 by Shadocko
This Lego-compatible gearbox cap is a companion part for my 40-teeth ring gear The part shown in pictures is revision 1, which had tight holes that...
$12.09 by Universal_Products
This is a pre-made set of fins for use with model rockets. Requires an 18.7mm tube diameter. This fin set includes small dogtooth features and sw...
$154.17 by Creo
This is a must have for ANY graffiti artist, fan and supporter! This super cool and unique ring shows your a true creative and not afraid to show y...
$25.96 by aljabaganna
Do you want to make your normal pencil into a nunchaku (two linked fighting sticks)? Use this! (decorative purpose only)
$25.69 by Vastad
I have a custom-designed L-shaped desk for my dual monitor AutoDesk Inventor set-up. I had the carpenter drill a hole for my cabling in the outer ...
$12.88 by GioPiantoni
Pair of bar end caps for handlebar bicycle.
$44.22 by Daedra066
This is a pen holder inspired by German castles and architecture. In case you''d like it for a purpose other than being a pen holder it comes with ...
$4.86 by scientist2010
Elegant cap for Ballpoint corpus and Ballpoint corpus 'see-through' Fits snugly, holds well. May be very tight, when you receive it. Afte...
$9.99 by christopherlowe
baseball cap pendant with the letter A in Pristina font.
$6.46 by dformer
10 drainage end caps, just perfect for all common wargaming tabletop games in standard 28mm format.