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$60.61 by isohedral
A candle holder in the shape of an old-fashioned factory, where the candles take the place of the smokestacks. If you're actually going to use thi...
$12.00 by astonetech
Light holder (egg)
$101.30 by Grampawerdna
A little tea lamp lantern with a tree motif on three sides. This one is done to fit the 10cm cubed material requirement of some smaller printers.
Not For Sale by Metall
or nice candle holder
Not For Sale by emansipater
Not For Sale by davidgull
An elegant 3 votive candle holder
$132.58 by aeron203
This votive candle holder is available here in white ceramic material, and in red on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/92720334/twin-flames-votive-...
Not For Sale by Candela
Short version of a LED candle cover created from a 3D-laser scan of a morel mushroom taken from the forest. The complex curves of this shape when l...
$124.11 by Quadrorama
A smaller Nuke Lamp for LED tea-lights up to 40mm diameter. This lamp comes without any electrical parts or stand. It is used as a cover shade fo...
$110.19 by andersiversen
Candle Holder