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$13.55 by Molecule
Molecule model, 3D print, full color. Cafeine is most well known as the psychoactive stimulant drug in coffee. It is most commonly consumed by huma...
$3.61 by Molecule
Be aware that this is a very small model. It cannot be printed in full color sandstone so the colors in this image will not be in the model you ord...
$24.99 by Neilmac
This espresso cup mirrors the shape of a bullet casing, bringing a new meaning to the term "shot of espresso." The cup holds 2 oz, is watertight, ...
$29.00 by joabaldwin
Because you can never have too much C8H10N4O2. Caffeine molecules support the dynamic polygonal structure of this extremely geeky espresso cup. Ea...
$3.38 by imhavoc
Caffeine molecule dog tag. We also offer a charm version of this model.
$19.99 by sollertia
Caffeine is found in many popular beverages such as Coke, Pepsi, a variety of teas, and of course, coffee. Technically speaking, caffeine is a stim...
$3.95 by imhavoc
Coffee mug dog tag for the coffee lover
$2.78 by imhavoc
Caffeine molecule charm. We also offer a dog tag version of this model.
$62.07 by Molecule
Cafeine molecule model in Silver. For use as pendant on a necklace or earring.