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$45.59 by ForceRelics
BSG S1 colonial sidearm stand designed for the Matsuo BSG S1 colonial sidearm prop replica.
$12.22 by Mechanoid
Today folks we bring you a set of 5 of the cutest little construction shuttles you ever seen. The BT-C3 "Construction Chameleon" Shuttle. They sort...
$30.44 by mught
Tie clip inspired on the TV series "Battlestar Galactica"
$12.18 by Mechanoid
This is my second attempt at scaling this ship. Since I don't know anything, I'm having to guess and feel my way thru this. After much work, I fel...
Not For Sale by elchan
Rendition of a popular fighter from a popular SciFi series. Favourite of a certain Colonial Warrior, called Starbuck.
$7.52 by Mechanoid
These little gems are the 1978 original tin can fighters. These are tough and highly maneuverable. Which makes these tough to beat. Specially becau...
$7.43 by Mechanoid
Someone bought themselves a used Colonial Fleet stock shuttle. Then modified it to look like a bigger Beluga Freighter. Gives new idea to the ter...
$9.50 by Mechanoid
This is a larger version of the ISSCV "Dragonfly". 3m wider, 5m longer and half a meter taller. Should increase the cargo hold some. Also allows f...
$23.37 by rupi100
not tested in wsf
$14.89 by Mechanoid
If you don't know where this comes from. Your in the wrong Verse. LOL It's 1/1000 scale, it's hollow but it's still a massive ship so the cost is...