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$2.40 by legokingmike
A sword that fits into a Lego™ hand.
Not For Sale by Hmbecodesign
3 helmets already colored for LEGO www.hmb3design.com/3dshop Have a look on our website
$4.34 by Hmbecodesign
4 machine guns PTRS 1941 Russian World war II army Already painted
$3.68 by Hmbecodesign
http://www.hmb3design.com/3dshop all détails on my site about this russian helmet colored
Not For Sale by Hmbecodesign
Russian helmet already colored compatible for LEGO with red star http://www.hmb3design.com/3dshop
$54.26 by Hmbecodesign
MP40 gun compatible LEGO and BRICKARMS
Not For Sale by Hmbecodesign
equipement compatible with lego helmet +4 grenades+1 gun machine MP40
$2.38 by Hmbecodesign
3 swords compatible with lego spartan hoplite sword colored if needed