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$17.90 by vaclav.mazany
Ring with delicate design of blossom branch. Specialy designed for plastic. Perfect as a special gift for your beloved one. If you want silver ve...
$2.08 by meldon
Perhaps a pearl in it or a quartz crystal.
$8.00 by baltimore
Click personalize to specify your ring size! default size is 7.5 US.
$9.70 by Charmed_Life_Designs
A simple design that lets the beauty of nature speak for itself.Earring hooks included free with every set.
$133.74 by Oreosmooshy
1) Buy jewelry stand 2) Hang necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc on the branches 3) ??? 4) Profit!
$108.46 by ecken
Your jewelry is beautiful and deserves to be showcased in style. Display your pieces in a beautiful coral inspired jewelry stand. This design embod...
$35.73 by tinypurpletreehouse
A lovely detailed pendant with bird and leaves detailing In Stainless Steel it's a nice and heavy piece of jewelry In the colored plastics you can ...
$12.00 by rithmikansur
Intricate voronoi inspired snowflake ornament with a delicate root like appearance. Named "Radic Delicate" after the latin translation for the phra...
$44.26 by goodneck
a minimal vase design, inspired by branching
$19.71 by tinypurpletreehouse
Add some nature to your finger with this delicate ring of a branch. With a cute little bird! ~ Personalize your ring by choosing a ring size...