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$3.88 by frknsweetknots
Size 14 braided ring.
$11.02 by AyeJayCee
A braided ring made of 3 identical independant rings woven together in a design only possible through 3D printing.
$65.64 by frknsweetknots
A woven ceramic vase.
$25.51 by frknsweetknots
A size 7.5 woven Turk's head ring.
$38.48 by frknsweetknots
A custom ring generated by the Freakin' Sweet Knots App. Load this knot in the Freakin' Sweet Knots app by going here. The pendant in the photos c...
$85.06 by frknsweetknots
Who needs a gem when you can have a woven knot? This ring is a Size 7.
$42.89 by frknsweetknots
A woven Turk's head die.
$27.34 by Ludwig
Only kings are worthy enough to wear this fantasy ring with braided details.
Not For Sale by MatthewM
Braclet made from braided strands with 3 expanded lobes.___________________________ Right handed spiral.___________________________________________...
$89.08 by MatthewM
Bracelet made from braided strands with 3 expanded lobes. ___________________________________________________________________________ Twisted in op...