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$3.09 by ammoniteA565
steam-bots with removable mask --------Want to get a set? + +
$16.06 by robotgizmo
Robot 0010 is 2.3 inches tall, even though it says .9 inches. This bot has billowed arms and eyes. It is hollow.
$25.31 by robotgizmo
Robot 0012, otherwise and affectionately known as "12" is a big billowed arm robot with clamp hands. He has a great disposition. A great collector ...
$34.10 by robotgizmo
Robot 13, ready to grab and construct. This worker bot is monolith builder... scrapers of sky.
$10.67 by robotgizmo
A mini robot "13", cool little bot.
$12.28 by robotgizmo
Robot 14
$15.22 by robotgizmo
This cool bot can hold stuff.
$14.45 by robotgizmo
Robot "14" has a gentle and smooth personality. A fun add to your bot collection.
$6.82 by robotgizmo
$11.26 by robotgizmo
2.5 inches tall, a nifty flier.