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$17.49 by robotgizmo
This is a robot with a jet booster back pack. it is balanced front to back to stand at a forward angle. this bot is 2.5 inches tall.
$13.65 by robotgizmo
This bot turned out nice. It was fun to make as well. This cool mech stands 1.75 inches, is equipped with a great reverse wing jet pack and details...
$16.68 by robotgizmo
This robot is 2.00 inches tall and has an inset for a belly, a television bot. This mech has a great set of choppers and can tear at steel if neede...
$14.27 by robotgizmo
This is "Turbine", a classic atomic powered metal cruncher. This Bot is also capable of breaking the sound barrier by using its double booster feet...
$14.27 by robotgizmo
This is the previously uploaded bot with the addition of an atom and bolts for the jaw. This bot is 2.07 inches tall. Enjoy!
$25.02 by robotgizmo
Based on a quick sketch I did a few weeks ago, this bot reflects a quad tank tread chassis. This robot is a bot with a mission... and can get to it...
$7.65 by robotgizmo
This is a 1" version of the previously printed bot.
$9.84 by robotgizmo
This is a smaller version of the previous robot. 1.4 inches tall.
$10.61 by robotgizmo
2 inches tall.
$4.85 by robotgizmo
This is a little one inch bot. It is made of a front half and back half. This will end up as a moldmaking test for thin walled parts. Enjoy! ro...