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$100.00 by benny350
Ornamental Bonsai Tree sculpture. Great gift for a bonsai enthusiast or admirer.
$101.38 by neoteric
I made this for those who want a unique 6 inch bonsai pot. Enjoy. Digital technology meets ancient art!
$24.47 by lensman
Small ceramic pot for a Bonsai tree (or anything else you need a small holder for!)
$575.58 by arielvito
$317.54 by d4N
Kiri-ashi series model Soto-en
$4.40 by Caffeine
Shapeways Image Popper
$4.47 by Jeewel
The model in the photo is made in "White Strong & Flexible" not polished. Similar objects: Swing - Hang
Not For Sale by PJMProductions
Bonsai Pot with Tray (Small Bonsai). Holes in the bottom are built into all 4 corners of the legs. Imprinted "Bonsai" on the bottom. Meant to be pr...
$59.99 by PJMProductions
Bonsai pot with drainage holes in center. (Medium Size 10cm aprox).