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Not For Sale by Yagdavix
$23.00 by Twopounder
28mm scale heavy machine gun. This set of 5 machine guns come with large box magazines. Perfect for making your model fire on the go. Optics not in...
$15.00 by Twopounder
28mm heavy machine gun with normal box magazines. This is great for showing weapon compatibility or scenes with low ammo/desperate situations. Pack...
Not For Sale by Winterous
My second 3d model, a modification of my first, a standard Boltgun. It's up here for preview purposes. From butt to barrel (upper one) is 17mm. So...
$25.00 by Winterous
Not For Sale by Winterous
A standard Space Marine Boltgun, my first 3D model. Not really something one needs to buy separately, but if you so desire you can ask me and I'll ...
$3.85 by Polysquid
AK47 for Tabletop gaming / miniatures. 25 and 28mm scales.
$13.00 by Twopounder
Futuristic assault rifle in a compact design. 4 regular rifles plus one with a reflex sight for the squad leader. Fits 28mm miniatures, such as the...
Not For Sale by Twopounder
This is an upgrade kit that includes 10 X-1 Compact Assault Rifles with: 4x standard magazines, 4x high capacity magazines, 2x box magazines, 10x H...