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Not For Sale by vandragon
a body of a old streetlamp
$39.95 by danieljchamberlin
$75.16 by RedCoal
Desk Top Robot
$8.34 by Daedra066
This is the body piece of the Secutor Miniature. Each piece must be glued together like a Warhammer model.
$37.60 by spruce
Nice pendant that has literally a close tag for your head and an open tag for your body.
$14.28 by Daedra066
This is the standard completed Secutor Miniature for the gladiatorial game. It comes with a normal base, Secutor body, Secutor helmet, Gladius and ...
$182.20 by grdritsas
$277.08 by Heart_Of_The_Moon_designs
A sensual, tender expression of pure love ...
$122.38 by Heart_Of_The_Moon_designs
A sculpt study of a female body .
$26.85 by gabebear
This is an MRI of my brain. I converted the DICOM files to a polygon mesh with OsiriX ( http://www.osirix-viewer.com/ ) and then smoothed the mesh...