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$9.15 by yoogy
$47.95 by Superunison
A holiday ornament.
$23.12 by djgeenen
Christmas Tree Bulb - large - 75mm
$22.91 by gaparicio
$9.01 by GHP
Loop has 3mm diameter hole, and wall thickness is ~1.5mm.
$7.25 by GHP
Loop hole is 4mm in diameter. Wall thicknesses of ~2mm. The walls aren't thick enough printing in glass, but I've uploaded a new version that sho...
$8.26 by GHP
Twists into itself like a shell (but from both sides). Loop hole is 3mm in diameter. Wall thickness of ~1.73mm.
$42.69 by WelshDesigns
Creat a one-of-a-kind personal Ornament to give this Christmas. It's a Co-Creator design, where you send me the picture you want to replace the fac...
$27.25 by WillLaPuerta
Cthulhu with a Santa hat and couple little Elder Sign snowflakes in the background.
$20.92 by SlyDevil
The Earth Mage, Vido celebrates the winter season with shiny balls! Base says "Happy Holidays"