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$3.27 by Catsruler1
Four Interlocked Cubes. 1 cube = 1 cm3
$49.99 by dextersworld
Made with mineways of my japanese castle based on the matsue castle in japan also known as the black castle. You can find a youtube video of it ing...
$86.00 by ddr4lyfe
This is a 2x2x2 Mirror Blocks cube, with sides of 60mm (slightly larger than a regular 3x3 Rubik's Cube). It has the same difficulty as the origina...
$189.00 by suuz
Which feeling or person would you like to carry around? Design your own blockparty ring: Every letter it's own block! The letters float very subtle...
$17.24 by Aquillyne
A TABLE-TOP TRIBUTE TO THE ERA OF 8-BITS! The 5 original Tetris pieces ("tetrominoes") as tangible 3D blocks.A great gift for your gamer friend or ...
$49.02 by Hubberthus
Are you a real geek? Do you see pixels everywhere you go? Would you even drink coffee from pixels while sitting in front of your monitor? If yes, t...
$26.61 by r3dbird
A single block of wood, 4cm wide/deep/high. A nice piece to display your favourite Angry Birds character!
$3.53 by imhavoc
$4.06 by imhavoc
$35.16 by zhoujianfu
This toy design from 1931 is in the public domain... you can make crazy balancing act demonstrations from it!