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$2.82 by eisenschilda
Shapeways Image Popper
$650.91 by Oskar_van_Deventer
Slice 7x7x7 is a variation to the Rubik's Cube, in which layer 1 is rigidly connected to layer 7, 2 to 6, and 3 to 5. The opposite-layer connection...
$45.75 by jimblack
Lizard modelled in Blender.
$52.49 by MarkHeuvelman
VORTEX 7, Drink your coffee in a different way, with a twist if you like. This cup has a unique vortex design and can hold up to 160ml of your fav...
$7.27 by BaumannEduard
intersection of 7 cylinders with axes through the corners of a rhombododecahedron. See http://private.mcnet.ch/baumann/
$79.89 by adybarel
wedding ring- size 6 us 16.51 dimeter
$31.98 by garenc
$14.41 by ChrisArtscapes
A sword inspired by anime Bleach.
$5.05 by friz
A 8-sided die based on an isohedral non-regular octahedron. The faces are identical scalene triangles. The number to be read is that on the face wh...
$24.94 by lsnell2