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$28.67 by JohnG
$15.00 by baltimore
this seventh stellated Icosidodecahedron as featured as the No bit in the film TronColor this with a red marker for accuracy.  it absorbs the ...
$17.00 by baltimore
neutral combined dodecahedron icosohedron similar to the bit seen in troncolor it blue with a marker for accuracy
$12.98 by madcomputerscientist
This is a model to represent a coin of the system of currency known as "Bits" ("Bit" singular) in a certain popular animated television series. It'...
$15.52 by sn4k
simple ring, inside diameter 17.8mm
$10.32 by fortuneschance
This two handed variation of the chain sword is ideal for any player who wishes to do any conversions.
$22.00 by Richy
Braided design with polygon render style for the outer side of the band, but still comfortable and smooth to wear on the inner side of band. Size ...
$8.49 by WillLaPuerta
2 sided Bit Die has a 0 and 1 on each side.
$37.39 by WillLaPuerta
Eight pack of my D2 Bit Dice with 0 and 1 on each side.